Website for overseas Vietnamese launched

A website designed to link overseas Vietnamese throughout the world was launched yesterday.

Jointly launched by the Vietnam News Agency; the Foreign Ministry-supervised State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese; and the Information and Communications Ministry’s Foreign Information Service, the website,, is the largest-ever information project specifically designed for overseas Vietnamese.

It provides information about Party and the State’s policies and guidelines for overseas Vietnamese, their activities in support of their homeland and outstanding overseas Vietnamese.

It also serves as a detailed database.

Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem, who is also Foreign Minister, members of the Party Central Committee’s Publicity and Education Commission, representatives of the two ministries and VNA pressed the button to officially link the web site to the internet.

Its mission is titled “Connecting Vietnamese”.

Khiem said he was delighted to witness the debut of a web site that was intended to serve the community and link overseas Vietnamese on five continents.

He asked news providers to provide more specialised pages, columns, news and articles to better serve the Party and State’s mass mobilisation and foreign affairs.

VNA Director General Tran Mai Huong said as the official voice of the Party and State, the agency had long provided information about overseas Vietnamese.

The agency would increase the dissemination of information in various forms to promote the image of Viet Nam and its major events to help foreigners and Vietnamese communities abroad have an accurate and complete understanding of what happens in the country.

The information would include Party and State policies.

National pages

The web site is divided into national pages so that its readers can quickly learn about the lives of the overseas Vietnamese community in each country.

The Community News column is supplemented with information from reporters, agencies for foreign affairs, overseas Vietnamese trade missions as well as overseas Vietnamese.

Readers can find an overview of each nation and its relations with Viet Nam in the Contents column of each nation.

The web site also provides systematised State documents and policies divided into such categories as nationality, investment-business and verification of Vietnamese origin.

A list of overseas Vietnamese diplomatic agencies, associations, companies, trade centres and restaurants is being updated to facilitate business transactions and personal relations.

The Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank has joined with VNA and the other agencies to build the web site.

Source: VNS



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