Why is Vietnam still poor? (Part 2)

VietNamNet has received hundreds of feedbacks from its readers after publishing the article “Sitting on mounts of gold, why is Vietnam still poor?”

The article reminded reader Le Thanh Dung about a story about aboriginals in America in the past.

“In the past, some aboriginals in America lived on outcast diamond mines.

Kids picked up diamonds to play as marbles.

They didn’t know that they were rich, just because they didn’t know the value of diamond”.

According to Tony (sangled…@yahoo.com)  Vietnam is sitting in mounts of gold but these are only advantages in terms of natural resources.

What is more important is who will explore them and how they will do it.

Tran Tan Lai (tanlait…@gmail.com) compared the exploration of natural resources with Vietnamese’s way of spending money:

They buy things to prove that they are richer than their neighbors, not to invest in long-term development.

“The plan to develop 39 seaports in the next ten years may be based on the thinking like this: one seaport contributes 10 percent to GDP annually, with 200 seaports, the contribution to GDP will be up to 2000 percent,” Dung wrote.

Many readers wrote that developing the economy by selling raw materials is very popular in Vietnam.

They call this as “selling young rice” so the country’s natural resources is getting exhausted.

The coal industry is an outstanding example.

Reader Hoang Hai pointed out that Vietnam’s development follows no plan.

If one province develops this industry, others will follow.

In a province, if an industry is invested by the budget, other industries must be invested at the same level.

Reader Phuoc wrote that because of this, there is no breakthrough.

“It looks nice for a parade where people walk in the same lines but in development will slow everyone down,” Phuoc commented.

Many readers questioned “Where do the country’s natural resources go?”

They pointed out the fact that while the majority of people are poor, some get rich very fast.

“If we don’t think of the community, the nation and the future generations, Vietnam will no longer have mounts of gold in the near future,” wrote a reader name An.

Land use in Vietnam as an example.

“Land is being sold out.

Is there any official who thinks of reserving land as playgrounds for kids, or as gardens for the elderly?”

“It is sad that while many luxurious restaurants, hotels, resorts and casinos are being built, we don’t have enough schools for kids and hospitals for the poor.

Vietnam’s poverty is the poverty of the people while some people get rich by taking advantage of their positions and the situation,” An wrote.

VietNamNet’s readers proposed that Vietnam finds  a golden key to open and explore its gold mines.

“The core for the development of a country is the quality of the workforce, from ordinary workers to state leaders,” Tony analyzed.

“To develop like Malaysia and Singapore, we must have good macro-strategies.

Intelligent development strategies are worked out by excellent leaders so we need excellent leaders who also have excellent advisors,” wrote reader Pham Son (thuyp…@yahoo.com).

Many readers said that the responsibility for a poor Vietnam though it sits on mounts of gold firstly belongs to leaders because Vietnamese people’s will and spirit were already tested by history.

Previously, Vietnam had President Ho Chi Minh who made the strategy and found a road for Vietnam to achieve independence and freedom.

Today, Vietnam needs talented policy makers and organizers and excellent experts to lead Vietnam so the country can bring into full play its potentials and become a strong and prosperous country,” reader Nguyen Quoc Dat wrote.

Reader Duc Hai noted that Vietnam should learn from the experiences of developed countries and have policies to attract talents.

Tran Ma Luc (tranmaluc…@yahoo.com) emphasized that selecting good officials and improving transparency at state agencies is very important for development.

“Officials are at the roots of success.

They must be people of talents who care about the country’s development and fortune,” wrote Nguyen Manh (nguyenngocmanh…@yahoo.com).

“Officials must answer that question (Sitting on mounts of gold, why is Vietnam still poor?) for the people.

If they have the answer, they can lead the country forward,” wrote Nghi Moc (ntnm…@yahoo.com).

Source: Vietnam Net


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