US official tells Vietnam to diversify exports

Suresh Kumar, Assistant Secretary of Commerce and director general for the US and Foreign Commercial Service who is now on a visit to Vietnam, suggested that Vietnam has to diversify its exports as well as improve design and quality to increase exports to the American market.

And many things had to be done to strengthen the bilateral trade cooperation, he stressed.

Considering Vietnam an important market, the US had sent 14 more trade experts to work in its embassy in Hanoi and consulate in Ho Chi Minh City.

Vietnamese businesses should contact them if they had any questions about US technical barriers and import quality regulations.

Quality was the top priority for US importers and Vietnamese exports were acceptable since most of them were able to meet the former’s requirements.

Vietnam’s major exports to the US like textile and garment, furniture, and footwear would continue to increase, but the country should develop strategies to diversify its exports.

For this, Vietnam needed modern machinery and equipment as well as a high-quality workforce, and US businesses were willing to provide support in this regard.

The US was also willing to cooperate with Vietnam to increase the export of fruits as well as enable export of more kinds of fruit.

The US market was always open to other items like textile and garment, frozen shrimp, and children’s toys.

“The most important thing is that Vietnamese exporters should meet all US import requirements.”

Vietnam had attracted many US investors in clean energy such as wind and solar power.

General Electric had contracted to supply 10 wind turbines to wind farms in the Mekong Delta province of Bac Lieu.

“US businesses are also eyeing the fields of high technology, public health, and education.”

In December a delegation with executives from many major US companies would visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to explore opportunities for cooperation.

“We will focus on business trademarks and franchises.”


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