When Vietnamese tour guides badmouth their country

I am lucky to have some chances to travel overseas.

It is interesting to see how tourism in other countries works.

However, I sometimes get annoyed by the instructions of certain Vietnamese tour guides.

One time in Paris, when we were driving pass a long bridge, a tour guide said to us:

“Please pay attention!

This bridge has several spans but vehicles can run smoothly.

In Vietnam, bridges are bumpy, which exhausts us.”

When we cruised upon the Seine River, the guide started to mention the Nhieu Loc canal in Saigon:

“Ho Chi Minh City has plans to turn Nhieu Loc canal into a tourist site like the Seine, but we will probably have to wait for a few generations.”

Another time, when we visited the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia, a tour guide reminded us:

“There are a lot of visitors here so please go in a group.

Anyway, it is easy to spot Vietnamese tourists:

They are those who only look at goods without buying.”

When we were walking on the clean streets of Singapore, we were told:

“There is a great penalty for public littering.

Sometimes people have to hold garbage in their hand for a long time before finding a trash bin.

Vietnamese are not so patient so they just throw it on the street. ”

Every time they introduce a foreign culture, local Vietnamese guides tend to bring up something negative about Vietnam.

These are bad comments, derogative remarks, and scorn towards the country they come from.

I do not know how a tour guide is trained in school and at a travel agency.

They were born, brought up and are working in Vietnam.

Why can’t they express some love for their homeland, show some sympathy and confidence in the future here?

It is lame to compareVietnam and other developed countries we travel to.

Vietnam still has a lot of difficulties and many people are still living in poverty.

Despite the many drawbacks that we see every day, we cannot deny the positive changes in the country in recent years.

I hope the tour guides will stop comparing and putting negative messages into tourists’ minds.


Source: Tuoi Tre Online


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