Call-girl ring operates via sex website in Việt Nam

Image of a sex worker posted on the website.

The girl is introduced as Dung in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 5 with her phone number 0937 XXX 187 and her password “A friend of Mr. Khang”.

After going to a hotel with a pimp, she is described on the site as 7 out of 10 grades.

Many other girls are described in details their measurements, body, face and attitudes while staying with clients.

Starting from a sex website, http://www.alauxanh… — registered in the US– has developed into a nation-wide call-girl ring with hundreds of sex workers who are willing to serve moneyed men.

The ring runners are also the website administrators, who recruit moderators or pimps to monitor sex workers and search for new beautiful girls from various provinces to add to the website.

Tuoi Tre Newspaper discovered and investigated three website administrators: Luan, Tri, and Minh.

The website’s leader is Minh, who initially contacted Tri to establish the blog alauxanh with the aim of introducing and supplying sex workers to wealthy men.

Early in 2011, Luan joined Minh and Tri in buying the domain name alauxanh abroad, with a server located in theUS, to conduct the business.

Afterwards, Minh tasked Luan to look for ‘long-legged girls’.

After recruiting new girls, the pimps will sleep with them first to examine their attitude, get three measurements, and take nude photographs to report to the alauxanh administrators.

This prostitution ring’s slogan on the website is:

“Wherever you are and whenever you want, we will send the long-legged to wholeheartedly serve you.”

On the home page of the website are hundreds of photos of naked girls posing in various positions.

Under each photo is information about the girl including three measurements, her serving attitude, code and prices.

The prices swing from VND200,000-10,000,000 (US$9 – 481) per encounter or per night.

Those girls who receive complaints about their unenthusiastic or disobedient service will be dismissed and smeared on the website, for instance:

“Be careful, this girl is infected with HIV”.

The prostitution ring doesn’t earn money directly from the encounters between the clients and the sex workers but from member registration for the website.

If a man wants the phone number of a girl in the ring, he must register to become a website member by purchasing a scratch card worth VND500,000-5,000,000, which will expire in a certain period of time.

All contacts with the administrators must be made via email to ensure secrecy.

The clients must send a message containing the scratch card code that they have bought to complete the registration.

The clients can register by transferring money to the administrators’ accounts at Dong A or Vietcombank.

After successful registration, the clients are able to obtain the cell phone number of a prostitute and a password. The girl will only go with those providing the right password.

The website administrators divide their clients into several grades including VIP, gold and strategic members.

The higher grade the members are, the more likely they will be to access the newest and hottest girls.

 Source: Tuoi Tre Online


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