Việt Nam and Malaysia keen on housing cooperation

Việt Nam hopes to deepen and broaden cooperation with Malaysia in social housing construction and development, said Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng while receiving on October 30 former Malaysian Prime Minister Ahdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Dũng stressed that Việt Nam attaches importance to the development of social housing and always welcomes and creates the best possible conditions for Malaysian businesses to invest in the field.

Highly valuing Badawi’s contributions to multifaceted cooperation between the two countries, the Vietnamese leader said he hopes the former Malaysian PM, with his prestige, will continue joining in to strengthening the fine cooperation between the two countries, especially in economics, trade, investment, education, tourism and construction.

In reply, Badawi said he and his accompanying construction businesses are keen on further cooperating with Việt Nam in the construction sector, particularly in building social houses.

He said the two countries, sharing many similarities, have much potential and strengths that can assist each other in their own development process.

The former PM affirmed that he will continue to do his best to consolidate the cooperation between Việt Nam and Malaysia.



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