Is Tết determining an attitude?

Vietnamese New YearTo describe the characteristics of Việt Nam or Vietnamese people, their positive attitude towards future is often cited in Western countries.

To my experience, people in Việt Nam do not spent much time in looking back but are usually looking forward.

When feeling Tết approaching it becomes more obvious.

You don’t really need to monitor your calendar to know the time is coming closer, you actually feel it.

I do not mean the obvious appearance of motorbikes transporting huge trees of various kinds or the suddenly swelling traffic even at unexpected times of the day.

Just through this you might get it that something is going to happen but this is by observation.

What I mean is, did you ever try to start something personally important closely before Tết?

Before the last year’s Tết I wanted to start my little bit unusual hobby again and searched for possibilities and place where to practise.

After some time of desperate research I got a precious contact, a high ranking, and as it turned out, very kind and helpful person.

But he apologize that he couldn’t do anything for me at that moment and asked for understanding, of course with reference to Tết.

When the time had come things went quickly to the point and appoints were made to arrange the right contacts.

And I must say It was a good time to start.

Coming into something new and meeting new people by saying Chúc mừng Năm Mới is just a good feeling, it creates a positive attitude.

But this postponing to the next year goes even further than one might think.

A dear friend of mine is recently looking for a new job.

Although he is somehow really in need he does not expect that anything is going to happen yet.

Surprisingly, he’s not desperate.

Instead, he is optimistically looking forward to when things get started for a new year which is expected to bring something positive.

To get back to the point, after some years staying in the country I feel my attitude changing as well a little.

From my last visit I brought some dry twigs of my favourite berries back from my home country.

Miraculously, they lately started growing small green leaves.

My immediate first intention was to put them apart in bigger pots I have got any way around the house somewhere.

But something was holding me back and I decided to postpone it until the new year.

It’s any way the lunar year which corresponds with the natural course of the seasons.

I will take one, the one with the most leaves now already, for Tết to my parents in law.

We can set it into a suitable garden pottery together and being sure they will grow a lot better then, I feel that.




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