Arsenal coach eyes Việt Nam football talent

tuan anh

Through the recommendation of Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger, two Greek clubs have said they wish to have Vietnamese midfielder Tuấn Anh, 17 (pictured, left), on the basis of a trial contract.

Last month, the Hoàng Anh Gia Lai (HAGL) – Arsenal JMG academy, with 17 players on the squad, beat U-19 Wissous of France 2-0, defeated U-18 Arsenal 1-0, had goalless tie with U-19 Paris, and lost 2-4 to Arsenal JMG in Belgium.

Tuấn Anh and three other young players on the team, who will graduate from the beginning course of the HAGL – Arsenal JMP football academy in April next year, were praised by Wenger after the matches.

After the stretch of matches the four players, including center back Đông Triều, striker Công Phương, and center midfielders Xuân Trường and Tuấn Anh had a month-long training session with the U-18 Arsenal team.

“Thanks to the recommendation of coach Wenger, the coaching board of U-18 Arsenal contacted two agents in Europe to prepare space for them after graduation next year,” said Nguyễn Tấn Anh, manager of the HAGL football team.

Via the agents, two Greek clubs sent forwarded desire to have Tuấn Anh on the basis of a trial contract.

However, Arsenal made an offer of a two year trial contract.

Greek clubs have recently turned their eyes towards young talent in Asia, not Europe or Africa, for moderate prices after the economic slowdown.

If a contract is sealed, a player will earn ten percent of the value of the deal plus monthly salary, according to the contract between players and the HAGL – Arsenal JMG academy.

Manager Đoàn Nguyên Đức, who spent millions of US dollars to set up the HAGL – Arsenal JMG academy, said, “I am pleased with the news.

But the happiness will only become complete after my first player officially signs a deal with a foreign club.”

“Then, we can confirm the most effective way to train at my academy,” he added.

Tuấn Anh is now being treated after tearing a ligament in his left knee following a collision with a player two weeks ago.

He will need six months of physical therapy and another month of field training to regain his form.

As a result he will miss the international football event called Sammy, set to be held in Fukuoka, Japan in March, with the participation of the Japanese U-17 team, four foreign teams, and 11 Japanese clubs.

The HAGL – Arsenal JMG team will compete in the event to prepare for the Southeast Asian Football Championships in September in Timor Leste, and the qualifying round of the Asian U-19 Football Championships in Japan in November.



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