Hair extensions

Sài Gòn hair salons are enjoying boom times not from people getting their hair cut but customers asking for ‘fake’ hair.

Last month I attempted to go for a new look at a local hair salon but I have regretted that moment ever since.

My long hair is gone but after talking to a friend at least I have partly remedied my dilemma with some ‘borrowed’ locks.

And I am not the only one as the salons of Việt Nam are making a killing on the redistribution of local girl’s hair to the masses.

I suppose you could say it is a form of recycling and good for the environment.


A young woman has hair extensions done at Chung hair salon

A friend recommended I go to Chung hair salon in District 4 and I was gobsmacked at the different colors, lengths and selection of hair extensions on offer.

It was like being in a hair ‘candy’ store.

I spoke to the owner Chung as he explained the Saigonese hair phenomenon and also revealed that a number of local celebrities are among his regular customers.

He said:

“I am not surprised that Vietnamese girls spend so much time and money taking care of their hair.

A Sài Gòn’s girl hair is probably the most important part of their look and most girls look really good, especially the ones who come to my salon.

The beautiful girls certainly keep me in business.

“My friends always ask me which famous singer or actress has been in today?

However, I also keep quiet as I like my clientele to know they are coming somewhere they can trust and relax.”

hairThe array of hair products on offer at Chung hair salon in District 4

As the fake hair business booms with Vietnamese girls who just have to have gorgeous long locks, the number of salons offering this service has been on the increase despite the tough economic times.

For instance Salon Thảo Tây brand has a number of salons located citywide, and there is also the option of Salon Sang Tân Vinh.

So if you think your real hair can’t quite cut up, pop along to one of these salons who will give your hair the perfect makeover.

Chung hair salon is at S2 Tân Vinh, District 4, tel: 0907589475.

Salon Thảo Tây is located at 219/53 Trần Văn Đang, District 3 and 324-326 Trần Hưng Đạo, District.

Salon Sang Tân Vinh is at 27 Tân Vinh, District 4.


Source: The Saigon Times


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