Queenstown’s milestones


Officially named Queenstown to mark the coronation of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II.

It is Singapore’s first satellite or self-contained housing estate.


Singapore’s first technical school, Queenstown Secondary Technical School, opened in Strathmore Road.

The school is now known as  Queenstown Secondary School.


Sight of the past: The Margaret Drive hawker centre


First HDB blocks (Blocks 45, 48 and 49) were completed in Stirling Road.

The seven-storey blocks still stand today.


Singapore’s first polyclinic opened in Margaret Drive.

The building was turned into a dormitory for foreign workers around 2009.

The new polyclinic opened in Stirling Road in 2007.


Venus and Golden City Theatres, opposite the old polyclinic, opened.

The grounds have been occupied by Church of Our Saviour and The Fisherman of Christ Fellowship since around 1985.


A three-level shopping complex in Commonwealth Avenue, called Tah Chung Emporium, opened.

It was demolished in 1999 and the piece of land it occupied has yet to be redeveloped.


Singapore’s first national library branch and sports complex were opened.

Both still occupy the same spots.

The popular Margaret Drive hawker centre, officially called Commonwealth Avenue Cooked Food Centre, also opened that year.

It was demolished in 2011.

Queenstown5Sight of the past: Queenstown cinema and bowling alley


The iconic Queenstown cinema and bowling centre along Commonwealth Avenue opened.

The building was closed in 1999 and demolished in June this year.

There are no known plans for redevelopment yet.


Queenstown Remand Prison in Jalan Penjara behind the library, which was set up in 1966, was demolished.

The area has yet to be redeveloped.


Prince William played with Queenswtown children


Prince William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, visited Queenstown as part of the celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the British throne.

Source: My Community


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