Vietnamese coffee brand becomes the name of US town

PhinDeli, a Vietnamese coffee brand, has made debut in Việt Nam, and it would be the new name of Buford town which has 147 year history in the US.

bufordPhinDeli’s officials introduce their products to customers

On July 30, Phạm Đình Nguyên, a Vietnamese, who spent $900,000 to buy Buford town in the US more than one year ago, officially introduced a new coffee brand – PhinDeli.

The Vietnamese clean, safe coffee products would be brought to the world, including the US.

And the first step to do that is to rename the US town Nguyên owns.

Nothing is impossible

The news that a Vietnamese bought an US town one year ago was a nice surprise to the whole world.

People could not understand why Nguyên spent nearly one million dollars just to buy a town with the modest area of 4 hectares, and what Nguyên would do with the town.

PhinDeli is the answer to the question.

Together with Đỗ Quốc Tuấn, who was the Vietnam Marketing Director of Kraft Foods, the world’s leading coffee group, Nguyên began building up PhinDeli brand in people’s suspicion.

No one thought Nguyên would succeed because the competition in the coffee market is too stiff.

Especially, Nguyên and his associates do not have any café chain to popularize their coffee.

It might be funny if someone knows that Nguyên, a person who is not at home in coffee, tries to develop a coffee brand and cherishes the ambition of bringing the brand to the US.

However, for Nguyên, nothing is impossible.

“Why not the coffee made with the Vietnamese traditional style, with filter?

It is worth to be introduced to the world.”

He said.

Nguyên believes that the differences of PhinDeli, lies in the quality, safety, plus the cooperation with a company with more than 50 years of experiences, would help bring success.

The noteworthy thing is that Buford town would be renamed into PhinDeli in the coming time, with the trade of PhinDeli products on amazon.

The dream of bringing clean coffee to the US

The most important thing that differentiates PhinDeli products and others, according to Đỗ Quốc Tuấn, CEO of PhinDeli JSC, is that 100 percent of PhinDeli are made of the coffee beans with the same quality, with no pesticide residues, preservatives, no toxic chemicals and no substances to create bitterness or odor.

The products are made at the factory meeting HACCP standards.

Also according to Tuấn, PhinDeli products have been available at some supermarkets, while they would be present at all supermarkets, traditional markets, groceries nationwide in the near future.

As for the US market, PhinDeli would be offered for free to customers at a 200 square meter shop which is designed in an impressive way.

There would be a picture recording the process of coffee growing, processing and enjoying of the Vietnamese.

The average sale price of PhinDeli is VND140,000-360,000 per kilo.

Higher grade products would be exported to the US, where the prices would be double than in Việt Nam.

Tuấn believes that the Vietnamese coffee market has enough opportunities to any coffee brand, because the demand is always very high.

It is estimated that every Vietnamese person uses one kilo of coffee a year.

This means that about 90 million kilos of coffee is consumed.

Source: The Labourer Newspaper / VietnamNet 


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