How GCS brand makes a difference

Though the macro-economy and the information technology market still face difficulties, Global CyberSoft (GCS) Vietnam has obtained positive business results since last year. The company has recently celebrated its 13th anniversary in Vietnam.

The secret of success may come from the company’s slogan, “A world of difference.”

This is also GCS Việt Nam’s business philosophy, affirming its commitments to supplying international services.

When GCS established its first facility in Việt Nam 13 years ago, the country’s outsourcing sector had not yet developed and only a few players had emerged.

Nonetheless, GCS Việt Nam decided to apply advanced technology such as electronic board design and factory automation in the semiconductor manufacturing.

So far, GCS Việt Nam has carried out more than 1,000 projects for over 120 customers in 18 countries worldwide.

The company has also widened its business scope, focusing on industrial automation, business automation, embedded system, software testing, and enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES) and business intelligence (BI).

gcs_all_staffGCS Việt Nam’s staff at the company’s office in QTSC

To meet customers’ strict demands for high technology and product quality, since the first date of establishment, GCS Việt Nam has built up and complied with the international-winning process of software development and quality control.

Earlier this year, the company was granted the CMMi (Capability Maturity Model Integration) level-5 by the U.S. Software Engineering Institute (SEI).

This is SEI’s highest level of certification to evaluate the capability.

The company’s difference in service supply is done through its B.E.S.T. model that is seen as its competitive strategy.

B refers to Best practices (applying international standards like ISO and CMMi).

E refers to Extensive experience (a pool of experts and engineers who are well-trained and have outstanding knowledge).

S refers to Scalable (flexible solutions that are suitable for specific demand of various customers).

T refers to Total end-to-end solutions (a full-package solution that helps company conduct integrated systems for all levels in services or manufacturing).

The unique model with four principles above is aimed to bring a highest, long-term value to customers with the lowest cost of ownership (TCO).

Human resources focused

GCS Việt Nam has focused on creating contingents of experts for each of its advanced business sector since the date of establishment.

The fact that the company’s top leaders are IT experts who used to work at Silicon Valley is an advantage that enables the company’s success in technology transfer to local engineers.

The company now has 650 engineers and hundreds of experts that can handle domestic and international projects in various sectors.

quangtrungGCS Việt Nam’s process capability by years

Human resources are always a headache for most businesses, especially those like GCS.

To cope with this chronic problem, last year GCS Việt Nam set up a branch development center in Đà Nẵng and has invested substantially in human resources training.

The company’s training center has also been established with big investment capital to offer training courses for hundreds of interns and new employees every year, helping them have practical knowledge for carrying out projects.

 Source: The Saigon Times



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