WB to fund USD25 million water management project in Việt Nam

The World Bank (WB) on November 27 approved USD25 million in funds for the second phase of Việt Nam’s “Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Project.”

The IWRM project is four-phase program to improve Việt Nam’s management of trans-boundary water resources, according to a report posted on the WB website.

It establishes water resource management practices for the Lower Mekong basin aimed at sustainable development.

A section of the Lower Mekong River which runs through Việt Nam’s Mekong Delta Province of An Giang

Phase 2 seeks to upgrade capabilities of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Việt Nam National Mekong Committee and that of other relevant agencies.

Specifically, Phase 2 will provide support for the institutional development of integrated water resource management in the Vietnamese section of the Sesan-Srepok Basin.

It will help establish a Water Resources Monitoring Network at the Lower Mekong border areas between Việt Nam and Cambodia and Laos; and a water resource information system for Việt Nam’s portion of the Lower Mekong.

It will also strengthen the Central Highlands’ hydro-meteorological forecasting and warning system.

The $25 million will come from the International Development Association, the WB’s concessional lending arm for low-income countries.

Source: Thanh Niên News



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