Cát Bà archipelago launches wifi service

The Cát Bà archipelago, located in the northern port city of Hải Phòng, launched wifi service as from December 28, meeting Internet access needs of local residents and tourists.

The coverage is part of a 5.4 billion VND (257.1 million USD) project on to provide broadband wireless service in the city’s convention centre, city downtown and the Cát Bà archipelago.

Cát Bà was installed with 25 of total 90 wireless access points.

Earlier on December 9, the archipelago was listed as a special national relic site.

Hải Phòng city is compiling dossiers to seek for UNESCO’s recognition as a piece of the world’s natural heritage.

Located some 45 kilometres east of Hải Phòng and 150 kilometres southeast of Hà Nội, Cát Bà covers more than 17,000 hectares of land and 9,200 hectares of sea.

Cát Bà boasts a typical ecological system in Việt Nam, including tropical rain forests on limestone islands, mangrove forests, coral reefs, sea grass, sand beaches and cave networks.

Cát Bà is home to some 2,320 different types of fauna and flora, including 740 land animals, 280 forest species, 540 seabed creatures, 200 fish species, 180 coral reef organisms, 80 sea grass species and 20 different wetland plants. 

Source: VNA


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