Walmart to promote Vietnamese goods

Mr. Ignacio Lopez, Senior Vice President of Operations for Walmart Global Sourcing, share with Tuổi Trẻ News  about Walmart’s plan regarding Việt Nam:

Walmart does not have retail operations in Việt Nam, and we do not have present plans to open stores there.

However, Walmart opened a sourcing office in Hồ Chí Minh City in late 2013, and our current presence in Việt Nam is through this sourcing office.

Our sourcing office employs approximately 20 people and has relationships with numerous suppliers in Việt Nam.

Establishing strategic relations with suppliers is important for us and our customers, and having an office in Việt Nam will enable us to do that more broadly and effectively.

Having an office in this market will also provide us with the opportunity to better facilitate the identification and selection of suppliers while monitoring the manufacturing process to ensure compliance, safety and quality.

We source the following categories from Việt Nam:

Apparel, entertainment, footwear, home, non-apparel and toys & seasonal.


Customers at the Co.Op Hòa Bình in Tân Phú District, Hồ Chí Minh City 

Does Walmart have any difficulties in looking for suppliers in Việt Nam? 

If yes, what are they?

We are committed to working with suppliers to build capacity, which leads to job creation and economic development in the community.

And we believe there is an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with Việt Nam to facilitate this economic development.

Walmart currently has a strong relationship with Vietnamese suppliers and looks to grow that capacity to export to our retail markets around the world.

Our relationships with suppliers are built upon long-term and mutually-beneficial partnership.

We have success stories from all over the world about suppliers who have prospered with Walmart as we have both grown together.

Example in Việt Nam:

There is a woman-owned business in Việt Nam called Thuận Phương Embroideries, a woven factory that we have been working with for the last four years.

This owner of this business has been successfully exporting her products to the US and we are helping her to expand further with our direct business.

Vietnamese small and medium enterprises are often weak in fulfilling a large amount of orders, and in meeting standards set by developed countries.

Does Walmart have any support for Vietnamese suppliers?

In every market, Walmart has strong relationships with both large and small suppliers.

As the world’s largest retailer, we strive to positively influence global supply chain practices by raising our own standards and improving working conditions in the countries from which we source.

Walmart’s business has always centered on helping people live better.

This mission applies not only to our customers and associates, but also to the workers who make our products.

We collaborate with other retailers, brands, NGOs and government leaders to verify the products we sell are produced in a way that provides dignity and respect for workers in our supply chain.

We are committed to working with suppliers to build capacity, through training and development which leads to better product quality, as well as job creation and economic development in the community.

For many suppliers, Walmart represents a regional and global growth program.

Does TPP affect Walmart’s purchasing of goods from Vietnam?

Walmart is strong advocate of the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.

This comprehensive trade agreement provides market access and will bring a wide range of Vietnamese goods and agricultural products to consumers in our in our key retail markets in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and Chile.

Establishing strategic relations with growers and economic groups is important for us and our customers, and having an office in Việt Nam will enable us to do that more broadly and effectively.

What are commodity groups Walmart is looking to buy?

We don’t share sourcing volumes, but I can tell you that are looking to do more apparels, shoes and we are looking at suppliers for food such as pangasius, shrimp, roasted cashew, coffee for our international stores.

How to become a supplier for Walmart?

All of our suppliers must accept our Standards for Suppliers as a part of their contractual agreements with Walmart, which specifies requirements such us food safety, supply chain security and ethical standards as a part of their contractual agreements with the company.


Source: Tuổi Trẻ News


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