Toilet-themed café opened in city

Toilet-themed café has been popular in a number of Asian countries, but quite new in Vietnam as a toilet café was inaugurated in Hà Nội several months ago.

And over the weekend, Lê Hữu Quang and his friend Dương Đặng Hồng Phúc opened Toilet Kingdom Coffee and Food in Hồ Chí Minh City’s Bình Thaanh District.

It is hard to imagine someone enjoying foods or drinks in a toilet and using toilet equipment to have foods and drinks.

However, sitting on chairs topped with cushions in a toilet-designed café and having snacks on bathtubs and drinking from toilet-shaped cups and bidets on lavabos used as tables may bring an interesting experience for guests.

Toilet_CafeGuests are seen at Toilet Kingdom Coffee and Food

The gate, staircases and walls of the café are also decorated like those of toilets and there are many kinds of flowers along the ways of the venue.

“All things in the café remind people of a toilet but its decorations and cozy ambience make me never feel the real atmosphere of a toilet but a unique-styled café.”

Student Huỳnh Minh Trí said and added that he will return often.

Another student Nguyễn Thanh Thanh Hằng said she came to the café because she is curious about it.

Phúc said many young people have come to the café and left with good comments on it.

“We are confident that the café is favored by many youngsters.”

Toilet Kingdom Coffee and Food is located at 29/2A Road 2D in Hồ Chí Minh City’s Bình Thạnh District.

Drinks and snacks are priced from VND25,000 to VND65,000.


Source: The Saigon Times


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