Việt Nam will never legalize sex work: Deputy PM

Việt Nam will not see prostitution as a legitimate profession but the country will take cautious measures to combat it to protect human rights, a deputy prime minister has affirmed in response to suggestions that sex work should be legalized.

It is Việt Nam’s consistent policy not to consider prostitution legal, Deputy Prime Minister Vũ Đức Đam said at a national conference to review the 10-year implementation of the Ordinance on Sex Work Prevention and Control organized in Hà Nội on Friday.

Deputy Prime Minister Đam added that anti-prostitution measures should be taken on the basis of human rights protection.

He also warned that a number of relevant agencies have ignored prostitution, allowing it to continue existing.

The top official also criticized propositions that prostitution should be legalized to boost tourism.

Sex_WorkersSex workers detained after a police swoop on a large prostitution ring in the central city of Đà Nẵng 

“It is improper to say that sex work is essential for tourism development.”

Deputy Prime Minister Đam said.

“Such a view is only a particularized phenomenon.”

He added, meaning to say that legalizing sex work has been proposed only by a minority.

“Today we share the same point of view that Việt Nam resolutely does not recognize prostitution as legal, but solutions to sex work prevention and control should be the ones that help minimize damage for both sex workers and their clients.

Those solutions must be taken on the basis of respecting human dignity and human rights.”

He stressed.

The deputy prime minister’s strong statements came in response to a number of opinions from lawmakers as well as other officials who suggested that sex work should be legalized in Việt Nam as it serves an essential need of people and such legalization would help improve the management of sex workers.

During a meeting of the law-making National Assembly in November 2011 to discuss the bill on penalties for administrative violations, some deputies advised that prostitution should be seen as a legitimate profession.

One of them was chairman of the Hà Nội Farmers’ Association, Trịnh Thế Khiết, who told Tuổi Trẻ (Youth) newspaper:

“Prostitution is a reality in any modern society and it is time for us to adopt a new viewpoint on this issue.

We have long stuck to a view that sees prostitution as a social evil that must be eliminated. But in reality, prostitution not only has existed – and still exists – in our country but it has even become increasingly rampant.”

“In the face of such a reality, I think we should consider prostitution a legal job and assign places for sex workers to earn their living.”

He said.

Khiết also pointed out that a number of countries have regarded prostitution as a lawful profession and they have put it under control.

“Therefore, we have two options here.

The first is to ban prostitution but fail to control it, and the second is to accept it and control it well.”

In September 2014, Người Lao Động (Laborer) newspaper cited Associate Professor Trịnh Hòa Bình from the Institute of Sociology as saying:

“While we have yet to recognize prostitution as a profession, we can apply a method to manage sex work as adopted by China and Thailand, which accept prostitution and strictly control it so that it cannot ruin the foundations of social morality…”

He added the government and society should recognize sex work as an unavoidable part of tourism.

Although no country publicly recognizes sex tours, some still consider them a source of profit, Associate Professor said.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ News


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