Tourism creates real chances

Sóc Trăng Province is calling for investments in tourism, especially eco- and community-based tourism.

Moreover, this Mekong Delta province also boosts regional cooperation, mainly river tourism.

Sóc Trăng has 72 kilometers of coastline with sand dunes, alluvial grounds, coastal salt-marsh forests, islets and orchards.

Hosting eight national cultural-historical heritage sites and 26 provincial heritage sites, the Mekong Delta province boasts specialties combining three communities—Vietnamese, Khmer and Chinese.

Outstanding are the Buddhist Tower and the Khmer-style architecture of the house of Mai Mai Huyen in Phu My Commune, My Tu District—the local tourist magnet.

Such advantages enable Sóc Trăng to develop eco- and community-based tourism, especially in localities such as Mỹ Phướcc Islet, Phong Nam Islet, Dung Islet, Vĩnh Châu Town, Ngã Năm Town, Châu Thành District and Trần Đề District.

According to Sóc Trăng Province’s tourism development master plan in 2011-2020, the province focuses on projects concerning the two types of tourism:

Tourism projects calling for investment in Sóc Trăng province

Project Area (hectare) Capital needed (est.)
Song Phụng Resort in Song Phụng Commune,
Long Phú District
79 VND35.5 bil.
Hồ Bể Eco-resort in Vĩnh Hải Commune,
Vĩnh Châu Town
300 VND500 bil.
Dung Islet Eco-resort on Dung Islet 100-200 VND60-70 bil.
Mỏ Ó Eco-resort in Trung Bình Commune,
Trần Đề District
230 VND500 bil.
Trần Đề – Côn Đảo Island express boat service US$2 mil.

To realize these projects, the provincial authorities are offering investment incentives, mobilizing tourism infrastructure capital sources and improving the quality of its traditional festivals.

Various ways to attract investments have been applied, including directly promoting investment projects among potential investors at conferences and introducing projects through investment guidebooks and websites.

Especially, Sòc Trăng is committed to simplifying administrative procedures while timely dealing with investors’ difficulties.

Soc_TrangThe Ngã Năm floating market in Sóc Trăng Province

Great potential of river tourism

Lying in the basin of the Hậu (Lower Mekong) River, Sóc Trăng is endowed with a coastline and rivers which provides a broad swath of specialties, on which the province can develop river tourism.

In particular, the 1,200-hectare forest of cypresses on Dung Islet is home to diverse wildlife such as bats, birds, crabs, shrimps, clams and oysters.

Visitors of Dung Islet will study legends of Lord Nguyễn Ánh (King Gia Long later) and Long An and Dam Tien canals.

Next to Dung Islet is Mỹ Phước Islet which is well known as the kingdom of fruits such as Nhơn Mỹ durians, An Mỹ jackfruits, Phong Nam purple longan and red oranges, Xuân Hoa star apples, Kế Thành pomelos and Ba Trinh oranges.

The Mỹ Phước Traditional Cultural Festival Tourist Site is under construction, anticipating more entertainment choices for tourists.

According to experts, river tourism in the Mekong Delta, including Sóc Trăng, is promising.

Cái Răng (Cần Thơ City) and Ngã Bảy (Hậu Giang Province) floating markets are famous destinations.

Sóc Trăng also has its own Ngã Năm floating market.

However, it has not attracted many tourists due to poor transport infrastructure.

The provincial tourism sector plans to cooperate with neighboring local government to include floating markets and other tourist destinations in the regional tourism network.

Last year, of Sóc Trăng’s more than one million tourists, one fifth used local accommodation services.

To lengthen tourists’ stay and to diversify tourism products, the provincial authorities should develop community-based tourism associated with the sea, rivers and islets.

The move may help the province’s tourism develop sustainably.

Promoting local tourism through various channels, participation in the network of the Mekong Delta’s western region, cooperation with other provinces and Cambodia are among the top priorities.

 Source: The Saigon Times


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