Condo management boards required to take training courses

Members of management boards at apartment buildings nationwide would have to take training courses on knowledge and skills for managing such buildings as per a draft rule prepared by the Ministry of Construction.

The Ministry of Construction has drafted a circular requiring apartment building management boards to undergo training. The draft has attracted mixed reactions at a meeting held last Friday in Hồ Chí Minh City (HCMC) to collect comments.

Under the draft, members of apartment building management boards or owners of apartments must take courses on condo management to get certificates of attendance from the ministry.

The certificate is valid for five years.

Condo_VietnamA condo building on District 4, HCMC

Representatives of several condo management boards in HCMC told the meeting that it would be difficult to implement the regulation because many condo buildings do not even have management boards as no one is interested in board membership.

Phan Tự Lập, a member of the management board of Hùng Vương condo building in District 5, described the regulation as unnecessary because members of condo management boards are all elected by residents.

Meanwhile, some threw support behind the regulation, saying people who manage apartment buildings should be trained as their knowledge of good management are vital for the well-being of apartment owners.

Management boards should be equipped with knowledge of managing financial matters, handling contracts, operating condo apartments, managing public and private places, and fire prevention and fighting, they said.

Many people showed disagreement over the five-year validity of the certificate, saying it would be a waste of time if board members take refresher courses in every five years.

“Members of condo management boards have their own jobs and do not have much time for training, and if authorities do not manage this issue well, people could get certificates under the counter.”

A member of a condo management board said.

Nguyễn Mạnh Khôi, deputy head of the Housing and Real Estate Market Management Department, said the circular drafting committee would take those comments into account to refine the draft.


Source: BBC


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