Improved IB results at ACS (International) Singapore

Over ninety eight (98) percent of last year’s International Baccalaureate Diploma candidates gained their IB Diploma in the November 2015 examination in the results released on 5.1.2016.

The results show an improvement in the overall pass rate on 2013 and 2014, increasing from 92% to 96% to 98.7%.

The overall cohort average of 34.7 (out of 45) was also higher than last year’s average of 34 points.

The world average is 31 points with 24 points and above being a pass mark.

Our top mark was 44 shared by Deandra Muliawan and Ariane Ruppli.

Ten Singaporean students in the 149 student cohort entered ACS International with PSLE scores below 200 but collectively scored an average of 32.5 points.

An outstanding value-added improvement.


ACS (International) Singapore provides a conducive environment for studies

Overall, 28 Singaporean students with PSLE scores below 225 scored between 27 and 41 IB points with an average of 35 points.

26% of the cohort gained a Bilingual Diploma showing language strength in two different languages at first language level.

Fifteen students gained a score of 40 points and above.

It is important to compare apples with apples when comparing results between schools.

Our 98.7% pass rate plus the higher than world average pass rate was especially pleasing when considering that for 45% of our students English is a second language.

It is not easy to firstly learn English, then think in English then write in academic English.

As an inclusive Methodist school we strongly believe that every student who is accepted at our school should be given the opportunity to sit the IB examination.

We have high expectations and our students respond exceptionally well.

For example, we accept Year 1 students with PSLE scores below 200 by exception, and O Level scores up to 20.

The students and teachers are to be congratulated on the added value scores that the students subsequently gain in the IB Diploma.

The high value-added results at the school are believed to be due to a number of factors.

The small class sizes (ranging between 5 and 22 in the IB classes), the supportive and inclusive learning environment, the opportunity for whole brain development through an extensive and holistic CCA programme, the IB curriculum itself, the strong parental support, and the impact by highly dedicated and skilful teachers.

These results are not unique to this year.

Each year our student improve significantly on their  secondary school entry performance as indicated by PSLE and other entry results; and over the past six years the school has produced  12 ‘Top of the World’ IGCSE students in English Literature, English Language, E Mathematics, A Mathematics, Economics, Geography, Physical Education and Chinese.

We are very proud of our students and their strong performance.


(*) Principal of ACS (International) Singapore

Source: ACS (International) Singapore

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