A glimpse of Queenstown

QueenstownXA panoramic view of Queenstown from a HDB flat

Swimming_PoolQueenstown Swimming Pool is open daily 


Queenstown Stadium is open to public daily

StadiumQueenstown Stadium is well-maintained

Stadium2Stadium3Stadium4Sports promotion posters 

PARQPARQs1PARQsMind your body

Lê_Hữu_HuyA teacher from ACS International School on the running track 



Dòng_kênh2This canal will become a river soon 

Cụ_giàAn uncle is whistling a hymn on his way to Queenstown Swimming Pool


A running track along the canal


Queens Close apartments along the canal

Cầu_1Cầu_2Cầu_3Overhead bridges  for Queens Close residents


Cống_3A very good sewage system 

NhàNice location – Good prices

CornerA  vehicle is turning to Queenstown estates 

60YearsQueenstown is celebrating its 60th anniversary

Global_IndianGlobal_Indian_1Global_Indian_2Global_Indian_4Global_Indian_3Global Indian International School Campus at Queenstown

By Le Huu Huy


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