Hà Nội poised to name and shame scantily dressed people

Those in Hà Nội who are inappropriately clothed in public places will be publicly criticized by local authorities, according to a draft code of conduct.

Competent agencies in the Vietnamese capital on Friday began receiving feedback on the code of conduct in public locations, which is set to be applied to all people in the northern city.

According the draft, organizations and individuals visiting, living, working or studying in Hà Nội should not talk loudly, make loud noise, use swear words or smoke in public areas.

The provisional code also bans them from spitting, defecating, littering, writing on or staining public works.


Hà Nội is ready to censure scantily-clad people

They are prohibited from wearing indecent clothes that go against Vietnamese custom and tradition in communal places.

The code of conduct requires people not to jostle, cause disturbance, or eat and sleep at local amusement parks, attractions, railway stations, seaports, and airports, while vendors at such places must not solicit and overcharge customers for their products and services.

The tentative code is considered an effective way for Hà Nội to become an elegant and civilized city, contributing to the preservation and development of national culture and tradition.

Organizations and individuals who strictly comply with the regulations will be praised and rewarded, while those who violate the rules will be publicly censured in the mass media, the code says.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ News


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